Wanaka Multisport

Fit for Life

We are a true, organic training company that focuses on moving forward and evolving. The trainers work with a wide range of clientele from post physical therapy to the weekend warrior and everything in between. At Wanaka Multisport we offer a wide variety of techniques and strategies to help our clients feel and perform at their best.

Welcome to Wanaka MultiSport

We are based at Snap Fitness Wanaka and have the best equipment in the industry at our finger tips. Concept 2 ski erg, Technogym bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and the latest strength machines on the planet. Also we make use of the unlimited trails and mountains that Wanaka has to offer.

Wanaka Multi-Sport Way

At Wanaka MultiSport it is important to us that every client learns how to move correctly and safely. We conduct a movement assessment for every client. As you start to move correctly and with confidence we will start to build strength and work on creating a solid cardio base.


Playing with your grandchildren, running marathons, walking the dog, mountain biking, gardening, skiing, snowboarding, or hiking Mt Iron. How we move matters. We begin by correcting faulty movement patterns.


Cardio is vital in your exercise plan. “No one ever dies from a weak bicep” we are aerobic mammals and cardio is our friend. The heart is a muscle. 30-60 minutes 3-5 days per week. We combine our 20 plus years of knowledge to make sure all of our clients understand the importance of a well trained aerobic engine.


As we age strength training is important as cardio with correct movement and weight training we can increase strength and decrease the risk of injury. Research suggests that strength training can be a key factor to activity as we age. “If you don’t use it you will lose it”. We will design age and goal appropriate plans for our clients.

Chuck and Bianca


Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Recovery is essential to every training program. Keeping muscles and tissue long, supple, and the body mobile we incorporate recovery into all of our exercises programs.